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Friday Snapshots, Edition #9

June 28, 2013

Friday already?  Or… maybe you’re saying, “Only Friday morning?!! I can’t take one more day!”  Either way, I hope you’re gearing up for a wonderful summer weekend.  🙂  Susie and I will be back at Stone Manor Country Club this weekend where we photographed Erin and Jim’s recent wedding.  In addition to that, my mom is coming to play Parcheesi with John, the boys, and I tonight, we’ll be doing some cleanup and exercise this morning, and after church Sunday… well, that will be all about the pool, which is just as it should be, right 🙂  Here’s our little neighborhood crew, eating ice cream in our pool.  With this week’s strangely schizophrenic weather, we didn’t have as many evenings as usual out there this week, so hopefully we can soak in a lot of sun and chlorine on Sunday 🙂

pool time in Ellicott CitySnapshots this week:

1. In case anyone else this still reads blogs and was infuriated by Google’s decision to take Google Reader offline… I’m blown away by Feedly’s one-click Google Reader import.  In 10 seconds I was all set up to keep following my favorite writers and I’m loving the interface over there.

2. Any 4th of July hosts out there?  Well, if it rains more than expected this weekend and you’re looking for a cute & simple craft, how about these paper plate berry baskets?

3. We have friends whose oldest daughter was recently diagnosed with Type I diabetes – they shared an article this week citing a study that confirmed a huge leap towards creating a synethetic pancreas.  The first step was enabling a pump to turn off (to stop giving insulin) when blood sugar got too low at night (insulin would make it go even lower, which is dangerous).  Parents of kids with Type I diabetes have to get up every night to check their kid’s blood sugar – and at some point these kids take that responsibility over and have to get up every night for the rest of their lives.  It’s amazing to think about what an improvement in quality of life even this first step would make for so many people!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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