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August 25, 2011

My husband often works from home, which is a luxury that we enjoy and don’t take for granted. He shares his 12×12 office with me. And his intern. And often 4-5 computers. Annnd… we usually have 1-3 kids in there coloring, pushing on/off switches, begging for candy, or tattling on one another. (Would you like to apply for an internship with him next summer? No? Why not?) The time came last Tuesday for me to create my own space. So I got up Wednesday, pulled a table and bookshelf out of our garage, and put together a lovely little space for myself in another room. Another area to decorate! Yay!

We have a dear friend living downstairs right now and she brought home the CUTEST lights I’d ever seen!! So I went out and got my own box. Look how pretty they are all set up on my bookshelf.

Adorable Decorative Lights for Workspace (1)

My workspace needs a little more help, but it’s well on its way to being a calm, peaceful area where I can work late into the night 🙂

Adorable Lights for my workspace - 4

Our housemate got a slightly different set, also very adorable. Instead of setting hers on top of something, like I did, she hung hers along a window. Love it!

If you’d like your own set of lights, I got mine from hobby lobby. This is the link. Our housemate’s set is here. And there are lots of other cute options! Happy decorating!!

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