We've been fortunate enough to find two amazing photographers, who we have trained in our style, and we're thrilled to offer them as associates to provide wedding photography services. We stand behind them 100%, and you'll have the Susie & Becky experience with these photographers, too.

We will still  handle the timeline creation and wedding day planning, but they will handle the engagement session and your wedding day. After your wedding, you'll be communicating with us regarding your album, and we will get you your finished photos within 6 weeks.

Associate photographer pricing ranges from $1500-3000.

meet ruthie & bekah

meet bekah


Hi there! I'm Bekah. I have been in love with storytelling as long as I can remember, from books to movies and beyond. My camera and I have been inseparable nearly as long! There is an amazing joy that comes from documenting the lives of the people around me, telling their stories. I love helping people feel beautiful and using the camera as a way for clients to see themselves through someone else's eyes. 

On an ideal day, you'll find me curled up in my hammock with a cup of tea and a book (ideally Austen or Gaskell). Otherwise, you might find me in the kitchen baking up a storm. My closet is packed with craft supplies and its rare you find me without one project or another in progress! I LOVE living in Virginia, the DMV is the perfect place to explore and practice photography. I embrace every new lesson and I hope I never learn everything there is to know about the art--after seven years I still love learning!

meet BEKAH