How To: Autumn Arrangement from Gourds and Flowers

September 16, 2011

This is really more an idea than a “how to”.  It came from the book Bringing the Garden Indoors, by T. Allen Smith.  The author used an acorn squash as a container for fall flowers.  With a cold front moving into Maryland today, it seemed proper to buy a bag of these little gourds at the grocery store this morning. They’re much smaller than an acorn squash and doesn’t smaller always means cuter?! 🙂

How To Make a Fall Arrangement with Gourds and Flowers-1

Gather some gourds, tiny pumpkins, acorn squash, whatever you’d like for the container and fall flowers for the bouquet.  You’ll need rubber bands, scissors, and either a paring knife or a potato peeler.  That’s it!

How To Make a Fall Arrangement with Gourds and Flowers-2

Some of the gourds are a little harder than the others.  I had the most difficult time with this one, but all that meant was that I had to do several gouges with the coring tool rather than just spinning it around once it was in the gourd.

How To Make a Fall Arrangement with Gourds and Flowers-4

I didn’t even have to take the piece out myself – Joshua took care of that for me 🙂  He did not like the flavor one little bit.

How To Make a Fall Arrangement with Gourds and Flowers-10

Secure the rubber band fairly close to the blooms because there’s a good chance that you’ll cut much of the stems off if you use gourds as small as the ones that I was using.  My zinnias look a little shabby, don’t they?  If I use these arrangements for Thanksgiving, I’ll use bright bought flowers.

How To Make a Fall Arrangement with Gourds and Flowers-8

Then simply stick the little nosegay into the gourd.  Tell me these aren’t the cutest little things you’ve ever seen?!   I wanted to take pictures of these arranged with some lovely little tealights… but my extra photographing time this evening was spent taking pictures of some very momentous steps!!

Baby's First Steps-10

Yay Joshua!!!!

Baby's First Steps-2

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