Editing Fun: Reflections at Centennial Lake | Columbia, MD Photographers

August 19, 2011

“Editing Fun” is a regular feature, written alternately by Susie and Becky, describing recent experiments in Lightroom.

Have you ever seen rain pouring down in front of a blazing sun? I saw that tonight. Did I get pictures? No. Bummer. But there’s always *something* to take pictures of, and since only puddles remained from the storm, that’s what I took. My consolation prizes were a lovely walk around the lake and some editing fun 🙂

Starting with straight out of the camera (SOOC), I just went to a favorite Lightroom preset, Antique Light, to get that top right picture. Moving down to the bottom row, I increased the blacks and the contrast. And for the final picture above, I added a touch of a vignette to give me a little vintage flavor. Finally, below, to enhance that worn-around-the-edges look, I added in a little grain.

Centennial Lake Reflections Columbia MD Photographers 2

I like it. Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

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