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July 11, 2011

A wonderful family at our church is headed to Malaysia for two years. Their best friend, Laura, organized a goodbye party which was held at our house yesterday afternoon. Tom and Alyson are expecting their third child and they chose to announce the baby’s sex at the party. They shared the secret with told Laura and she baked a cake with the answer inside – blue cake for a boy or pink cake for a girl.

Tom and Alyson already have two sweet daughters and the consensus around the crowd was that the cake would be blue inside. Wanna see?

Tanya has been a dear friend to Tom and Alyson for years and was unanimously selected by all 70 guests to have the honor of cutting the cake. Silence while she sliced… and then…

She said, “It’s a girl!” so quietly that only a few around her reacted. Then she held up the PINK cake for all to see. Everyone clapped and cheered. Such a special moment!!!

Tom and Alyson’s faces as their surprise was announced. Think they were having fun? 🙂

Dad gets the first piece, of course! Our prayers are with Tom and Alyson as they make this big move, and especially as Alyson delivers this precious baby girl in a foreign country.

Not only is this the third girl for the Millers, it continues a streak of baby girl births at our church. Isn’t it funny how families or churches or groups of friends get runs on boys or girls… let’s see how our readership is doing. If the sample size was large enough, the results of this survey should be 50/50. I’m curious 🙂

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  1. Carolita

    July 11th, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    Ahhhhh! I was just telling my mom the other day what a cool idea this was! Happy for them and their little girl! :]