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Wedded Wednesday: QR Codes on Invitations

Susie told you in yesterday’s sneak peek of another gorgeous Stone Manor wedding that we had many pictures coming… and we do! But we couldn’t wait to share a “seen here first” experience that Aviva gave us. Check it out – she and her graphic designer included a QR code on their invitation!

QR code on wedding invitation

Think of the possibilities!!! Since I had just gotten lost on my way – which wouldn’t be embarrassing except it was my FOURTH trip to this particular venue – I immediately thought how amazing a QR code would be for helping guests easily access proper directions en route.  Then I thought of those days I spent as a bride-to-be counting RSVPs, including those enthusiastically checked off by people who inadvertently forgot to actually write their own names (I’m sure I’ve done it since).  I knew there were far more ways this trend could help guests and brides alike, so I did a quick google –

Read more in this New York Times article about the pros/cons of a QR code on your wedding invitation!

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