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Susie and I took the week off of blogging last week because… well, I guess because we felt like it.  We just figured summer is for more family and fun and less blogging 🙂  So we’re back today with pictures celebrating long, lazy summer afternoons by the water.

Akie, Susie’s husband (for those of you new here, Susie and I are married to brothers), found this little spot on Matapeake Bay, just over the Bay Bridge.  The inlet never gets higher than chest high, no matter how far out you walk.  In most places, it was shallower than that, which meant the water was warm, relatively calm, and safe for the kids.

I love going on outings with Susie, because it means I get rare photos with myself in them 🙂

Matapeake Bay Wedding Photographers-5

I took the rest of these photos of my family.

Matapeake Bay Wedding Photographers-4Matapeake Bay Wedding Photographers-1

We took a little break for dinner, which in Joshua’s case, was sand with a side of pretzels.

Matapeake Bay Wedding Photographers-6Matapeake Bay Wedding Photographers-8

Thunder began to rumble during dinner, so we brought most of our things to the car and moved over to a grassy area to wait it out.  The big boys amused themselves with Red Light, Green Light.

Matapeake Bay Wedding Photographers-10

Meanwhile, Joshua and Uncle Akie shared their love of music 🙂

Matapeake Bay Wedding Photographers-13

Ultimately our little future lawyer, Jack, presented evidence for re-entering the bay that was too compelling for his father or Uncle Akie to resist.  Which worked out ok for me, because that’s when I got my favorite pictures of the day 🙂

Matapeake Bay Wedding Photographers-16

Thanks to Aunt Susie for monitoring our fearless Joshua while I waded out and got these.  We had taken his life jacket back to the car, but he felt he could swim anyhow, so it was a difficult and busy job she had.

Matapeake Bay Wedding Photographers-15

Happy Summer, everyone!

— Becky


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