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Friday Snapshots, Edition #6

Hey y’allllll… nice to have a short work week, right? This weekend came around FAST! Susie and I will be out at Stone Manor Country Club tomorrow, photographing our second wedding there in one week.

unique wedding location at Stone Manor Country Club

Today’s snapshots:

1. John and I were absolutely enthralled with The Discovery Channel’s documentary about the Iditarod. A couple contestants shared insights that have come to mind frequently over the last few weeks. For instance, a middle-aged breast cancer survivor named Dee-Dee Jonrowe is a perennial top 20 placer in the physically grueling event. Surgery and chemotherapy (and age) has weakened her, but she continually places well. When asked about this, she explained that her dogs take up the slack for her. She said, “The more reponsibility I give them, the more they rise to the occasion.” That’s been good for me to ponder over the last few weeks, both when struggling to delegate AND when nervous about taking on a greater challenges personally.

2. Online courses for kids – I have at least one child (not naming names, ahem) who needs a LOT of structure (it’s the one who asked me, on the day he stayed home sick, “Mom, can we write down a schedule for the day?”). For that reason (not because I’m a mean mom, although I WAS told tonight that I was THE.MEANEST.PERSON.IN.THE.WORLD), I run a pretty strict little summer school program during Joshua’s naptimes. I saw these online courses for kids the other day and will *definitely* be incorporating at least one of them into our “curriculum” – REALLY great ideas here: http://www.designmom.com/2013/05/summer-school-2-0-fun-online-classes-for-kids/

3. Anyone else eat mindlessly when they’re stressed? Let me tell you a little story and you can guess my stress level on a scale of 1-10. Per my usual post-dinner routine, after loading dishes into the dishwasher, I popped open the little compartment that holds the gel. I found that someone (named Joshua, I’m sure) had stuffed a jumbo marshmallow into the compartment.

I ate it.


And for our final picture of today – Marcus using jumbo marshmallows for his science project, aptly named, “What Makes Things Tip Over”. At least supervising a science project is one thing I don’t have to stress over this weekend!!!

Hope yours is WONDERFUL!!!!

— Becky



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