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Friday Snapshots, Edition 1

Hey – well, Happy Friday, everyone 🙂 Hope you have a good weekend planned!!! Here are a few quick takes from me (Becky) this week:

1. Fresh flowers are HERE!!!! Tulips are calling my name in the grocery store, daffodils are in bloom, , and Mother’s Day bouquet’s aren’t too far away. Since we’ve had to pause our Floral Design series with Kelly Shore while she’s on maternity leave, I was really excited to run across this article on Design Mom about how to keep your flowers fresh for a long time: Extending the Life of Your Cut Flowers

2. Speaking of fresh flowers, I found potted rununculus at Home Depot the day before Easter and bought them. Was that a huge mistake? Will rununculus survive in a pot? Will they survive in this weather? They are so, so beautiful (see below) that I’m happy I took the chance and enjoyed them for this long, but I would like to extend their lives as long as possible!!!

3. I was too sick and uncomfortable to sleep a few weeks ago, so instead, I watched The September Issue, a documentary about Anna Wintour (the woman on whom Merryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada is supposed to be based.) Since then, Netflix has been feeding me a queue of fashion documentaries. Since I fall asleep about 20 minutes after settling down and turning on Netflix, it took me almost a week to watch Bill Cunningham New York, and I highly, highly recommend it. The documentary covers days in the life of the unassuming Bill Cunningham, who at over 80, bicycles fearlessly around New York City doing street photography by day and covering the most prestigious social and fashion events by night. He’s a stereotypical WWII veteran man, in all of the most wonderful ways – principled, compassionate, practical and so, so kind. The documentary depicts him and his NY Times columns as fixtures in society, but is also very poignant as it shows how, in many ways, he and his friends have been passed by as the world moves on. I think anyone would love it – watch the trailer here.

4. Back when I wasn’t on facebook, I scrolled through John’s every now and then. About a year ago, I saw a post suggesting that we all make ourselves a Let’s Hear It For The Boys Pandora station. LOVE IT. Tomorrow morning, as every Saturday morning, we will spend one hour on a very carefully calibrated family cleaning routine. When we all pitch in, we get the sheets changed, furniture dusted, carpets vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned, floors washed, and all the trash and recycling taken out of the house in ONE HOUR. Only way it happens is with the beat of great 80’s music motivating us. And the title is so fitting for our family 🙂

very closeup image of beautiful red rununculuswhite and purple rununculuspurple and white rununculus petalspurple rununculus petals

Enjoy the weekend, y’all!!

— Becky

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