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A few weeks ago, we came across something that is changing our photography, and making our post processing job so much easier!  When we’re out shooting Becky and I both have our cameras and are pretty much shooting the whole time.  When we go through the images, and pick out the final images, we end up with about 1/2 of them from Becky and about 1/2 from me.  This is great, because we’re getting two different perspectives, but it can make editing a challenge sometimes because we want the photos to be consistent.

We tried shooting on Auto White Balance to see if that would make the photos more consistent, but we just didn’t find AWB giving the consistency we wanted, and we really didn’t like how it looked. Plus, we were having to change all the white balance settings in post-possessing, which, well, frankly, just annoyed us. haha.  We was sure there had to be a better way to do this, and talked about how we could do it numerous times.  We couldn’t sent our white balance settings to the same Kelvin temp each new place we went, because we would just forget.  It’s hard enough for us to remember to sync cameras at the beginning of every shoot.

When we first heard about the ExpoDisc, we were intrigued.  If this was a way to get our photos looking fantastic in the camera, and also a way for us to be getting the same consistency with both of our cameras on a shoot, we was all up for it!  Becky and I talked it over [as we do with any purchase we make], and we decided to try it out and see how it would work.

We tried it out on a few shoots, and were sold.  Not only did it help get our photos consistent, and cut our down editing time, but we started getting amazing, natural skin tones straight out of the camera. Yay for pretty pictures! 🙂


Here’s a photo with Auto White Balance.

Annapolis Engagement Shoot_Maryland Wedding Photographers

And here is a photo taken with Custom White Balance and the ExpoDisc.  Pretty, eh?

Annapolis Engagement Shoot_Maryland Wedding Photographers


Moisés Moreno - July 7, 2012 - 12:51 pm

Thanks for the post. I wonder if you tell me wich expodisc you use. the neutral version or the portrait.
Awesome picture btw

Susie - July 18, 2012 - 12:19 pm

Hey! We use the neutral version, which is the one I was introduced too. I have found that it is a little cooler than I like with portraits sometimes, and I’d like to compare the portrait to the neutral. The portrait one is supposed to be a little warmer. Hope this helps!