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Christmas Shot List

Well, the good news is that we finished decorating the tree with three days to spare.

Decorating Tree-2-2

I think you can see why I put off decorating the tree until today.  Too much on my plate without constantly chasing a toddler away from the tree, cleaning up broken bulbs, or tending to cut fingers… or tongues 🙂

Here’s what the tree looks like if the 5 year old and 7 year old decorate while you sit back and take pictures.

And speaking of taking pictures… I know you’re tired of lists.  And of checking them twice. (I know, I know, you’ve checked them a hundred times!)  But here’s one more list that I think will help all of us record Christmas 2011.  Brooke Snow, whom I admire for both her photography and her general outlook on life (read this recent post on Dealing With Disappointment!),  has compiled a wonderful Christmas shot list.  And as she says, work through the list, put the camera away and enjoy!!! 🙂

Read Brooke’s shot list.

Joy to the World, everyone!!!!!!!!!

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