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Album Design: Embracing the Full Spread

Every so often as a child, I got my parent’s wedding album from its special spot on the family room bookshelf. I probably haven’t seen that book for 15 years, but I can recall most of those pictures in detail. My favorite features my dad on one knee with his head thrown back in exuberant (and embarrassed?) laughter as he retrieved the garter from a very modest spot on my mom’s leg. They’re phenomenal pictures – exactly what I’d like to capture for our brides.

During summer vacation in our house, the big boys are required to read for a full hour every day while Joshua naps. I make a huge effort to get to the library weekly, because I firmly believe in keeping diverse, interesting, and attractive reading materials around. Nevertheless, day after day, as they stock up on their books for reading time, they include one of the picture books I’ve created for Joshua’s birth mother, or of a family vacation.

Albums are powerful. Susie and I value them so highly that we’ve structured our pricing such that we can give EVERY bride that books with us an album.

The difference between my parent’s wedding album and the little Shutterfly books I have around the house (besides the fact that Shutterfly’s print quality is far from professional and pages are already coming out) is simplicity of design. My parents album was square and had exactly two images on each page. Square on the left, square on the right. Simple, beautiful, powerful. And as I design albums this season, I’m taking that lesson to heart. Our printers bind our albums with layflat pages, meaning there is no center seam across the page. So we can design spreads with just ONE stunning panoramic picture that spans all 20 inches of an opened album. Of course, every page can’t – shouldn’t – be like that. But with each new spread, I ask myself – can I put just ONE powerful picture on here? Because I guarantee it will be the bride’s daughter’s favorite page 🙂

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Marcus - September 7, 2012 - 10:10 am

Your albums sounds awesome. What do you use to create your albums and where do you get them printed? How many pages are included with the album that is included with booking?

Susie - September 7, 2012 - 11:33 am

Hey! We use Fundy – http://www.fundysoftware.com/ – to create our albums, and we get them printed at professional labs. We generally include 30 pages, 15 spreads with our albums.