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If I (Becky) had the pleasure of sitting down with you this week, here are a few things that might come up…

What I’m reading: Same as last week. Also ruminating on this quote by Andy Warhol: “Making money is art. And working is art. And good business is the best art.” I really dislike the false dichotomy that is often drawn between the arts and the rest of the world, and the assumption that to excel in or appreciate the arts is mutually exclusive with being successful or interested in the sciences, math, or business. My older brother is an engineer and one of the most creative, free-thinking, expressive people that I know. Susie and I really, really love the art of photography but we also really, really love bringing creative approaches to growing a business that will stand out in a saturated industry and address the unique needs of both our clients and our families. It pleased me to read that one of our country’s most iconic artists acknowledged that building a successful business is akin to being an artist: a creative, flexible, innovative contributor to society.

Highlight of my week: Gardening! People who read this blog way back when recall that one of my favorite hobbies was gardening. But John and I welcomed our fourth child about the same time that my and Susie’s photography business began taking off about the same time that we began a house search in earnest, then moved, and it all just got pushed to the back. This summer I’ve slowly ventured back in with some simple container gardening at first by mixing/matching lots of annuals, vines, and herbs, and then by planting a large garden surrounding a lamp post in my front yard. Lots and lots of watering time on summer evenings always makes me feel connected to my maternal grandmother and have been the most wonderful, peaceful respites in a busy summer. 🙂

Little luxuries: The previous owners of our house had the foresight to install beautiful colored lights in our pool. At first this seemed embarrassingly “fancy” (and it still kind of does), but kids LOVE playing in the lit water at night. There were many hours of Marco Polo played by purple pool light this past weekend 🙂

Hoping for: A good summer storm to cool things off and cut through some of this humidity. Love that pre-storm wind. Just not on Sunday, when we’ll be photographing Sangchen and Michael’s wedding!

Don’t miss: Courtney and Will’s GORGEOUS wedding!!!! Rain showers didn’t slow them down at all – and made me wish it had rained on my wedding day!!!

Pictured today: I cut all the blooms off the flowers in my new garden today so that they can focus all their energy on rooting and establishing. Lots of little bouquets all over the house now!


Right before my husband and I officially began dating, we ended up on a bit of an accidental date to a wedding. I’ll never forget that wedding, in part because I was falling fast for John that day, but also because it poured during the ceremony. The groom, who was Hawaiian, explained that rain on a wedding day is considered a blessing in Hawaiian culture, and it was so easy for me to agree!! The sound of rain pouring down on the roof during our friend’s vows made that sacred moment even more beautiful and memorable. So, when we ducked inside the stone walls of gorgeous Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church last Saturday, and heard the rain begin just as Courtney and her dad processed down the aisle to Will, I had to think how lucky they were to have rain on their wedding day. The pastor told them that their marriage should be like the church in that moment – a warm and safe place to shelter from the storms around them. I felt again that Courtney and Will were lucky to have such a beautiful and meaningful symbol on their wedding day.

Even though I was convinced that the rain was a blessing for Courtney and Will’s wedding day, I was admittedly concerned about how THEY would feel about the situation! And while I can’t tell you exactly if they felt that the rain was lucky or unlucky, I can tell you that I have NEVER photographed a happier or more relaxed bride and groom than Courtney and Will, even as the rain continued unabated through wedding party photos and bride and groom portraits. I am quite sure that the fact that they were husband and wife mattered far, far more to Courtney and Will than the rain!! We were mostly relegated to a carport (although quite a gorgeous and elegant carport it was, at the Bethesda Country Club!!), but that hardly even felt like a restriction. In fact, Courtney and Will already were that little shelter for each other – they were in a bubble of happiness that was totally impervious to the rain or anything else. I am so happy to share these photos with Courtney and Will and their friends and family. We are so honored that we were there to document it!!! Congratulations, Courtney and Will!!!!!

01-Chevy-Chase-Presbyterian-Wedding (5)


I’ve become a huge fan of brides getting ready in a familiar place. I know these pictures will be so much more meaningful to Courtney because they’re actually in her childhood home!!!



Gorgeous Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church…. the sun is out and there’s no hint that it’s going to rain!!!


I loved the little splash of yellow that Courtney brought into her wedding with these bridesmaids bouquets!!




Vendor Team

Ceremony: Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church
Recepton: Bethesda Country Club
Hair and MUA: Georgetown Bride
Limo: RMA Limos Inc.
Dress Shop: Enzoani
Florist: Tierra Flowers
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
Band: We Got the Beat provided by East Coast Entertainment
Cake: Lilly Magilly’s

If I (Becky) had the pleasure of sitting down with you this week, here are a few things that might come up…

What I’m reading: The Opposite of Spoiled by Ron Lieber. This book is SO great. As a money mangagement columnist for both the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, Ron Lieber routinely received mail from parents asking him how to talk to their kids about money. Parents found that they weren’t up to answering two questions from their kids: “Are we rich?” or “Are we poor?” Complete answers to these questions contain nuances regarding class, values, and justice, and most parents find it easier to simply avoid talking about money altogether. Lieber’s premise is that curiosity is a wonderful thing to cultivate in a child and that we can’t let our discomfort stifle our kid’s curiosity about this incredibly important topic. He developed a list of qualities that are the opposite of spoiled – qualities all parents want their kids to posess upon entering adulthood – curiosity, patience, thrift, modesty, generosity, perseverance, and perspective – and shows how each of these can be developed through training kids in good financial management. I’m thoroughly enjoying this book!!

Highlight of my week: The closing program of the new VBS program we all attended last week – Nicholas in nursery, Joshua/Marcus/Jack as students, and me as a table teacher. We almost didn’t go because the weekend ahead was so busy, but at our kid’s urging, we decided to make it. I got to work with the pre-K/K age kids all week. While exhausting, this age group is always a source of entertainment. Kids this age rarely say things on point, especially in reference to the Bible story of the day, but they are *always* transparent, honest, and vulnerable. I think my very, very favorite thing about that age group is how they completely lack any sense of moment – the stage is the same as the classroom is the same as the playground – which always makes performances like the closing program suspenseful and hilarious! I loved everything about the week not just for myself, but for my kids too, and the closing program was a great evening for our family.

Little luxuries: Overhead fans, especially when the air conditioning is out 🙂 And A/C is a huge luxury I’m appreciating today!

Hoping for: I’m just loving this summertime connection with friends and family. This week we have new friends coming to cookout and swim Thursday evening, a group of childhood friends coming on Friday, new and old friends coming together on Saturday, and family on Sunday.

Don’t miss: Hm. I guess this is the part where I acknowledge how long it’s been since we posted 😉 But look for the gorgeous wedding of this couple, coming to the blog on Thursday!

Pictured today: Jack made a lemon meringue pie today 🙂 No lie, this isn’t mom bragging – it was the BEST lemon meringue pie I’ve ever tasted.





  • July 19, 2016 - 12:58 pm

    Melanie Smith Brockman - Glad VBS got a mention! We were so glad to have all of your family there. And, I want some of that pie next time Jack makes one.