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What an amazing wedding to kick off our 2016 season!!

Rob and Doro contacted us sometime last fall and we talked with them three times before chose us as their wedding photographers. After each conversation, I was more certain that we’d be a great fit for them and hoped that they felt the same. My first clue that this would be our ideal wedding was when Doro said they wanted photos that told a story and, by extension, photographers that weren’t overly intrusive. The next thing that excited me about their wedding was that they were planning theirs solely around the things that were important and beautiful to them and their families, and not around the latest wedding industry fads. I love winter weddings – there’s a little extra romance and it’s easier to snuggle close for photos! – so I was thrilled when they chose us. But I didn’t realize how incredibly easy they were going to make our jobs until I met them at their National Gallery of Art engagement session!!! Rob and Doro were married in a small civil ceremony several months ago, and they acted like they were still on their honeymoon – whispering, laughing, snuggling, and kissing as if my camera wasn’t even there. Adorable! With all this already in place, theirs officially became a dream wedding when I arrived last Friday evening to photograph Rob and Doro’s rehearsal dinner and was welcomed so very warmly by their families and friends. Rob and Doro, it was such an honor to photograph your elegant and joyful wedding. We loved everything about the day and were so thankful to be there. I hope you enjoy reliving the story of your wedding day!!!!



We like to get the classic GQ groom shot and Rob made that SO easy – more on that later. But his groomsmen….classic-groom-shot-red-background


…well, his groomsmen made sure we got the laughing shots.




The Sulgrave Club had so many unique and historic details. This wallpaper happened to coordinate perfectly with the bridesmaid dresses and all the blues and creams in Doro’s bouquet. Lucky us:-)




We traveled over to the National Cathedral, where the architecture on the 7th floor was calling our names!




Second favorite photo of the wedding:-)




There’s that dapper groom.




Workin’ it, until….




Our resident photobomber/brother-of-the-groom popped back in.




Absolutely love this set of photos that Susie got, but my favorite is this one, with Doro’s dad watching her final preparation.




Rob and Doro were going to travel to the reception separately and take bride and groom photos there, but I felt it would be a terrible shame to get married at the National Cathedral and not get any portraits! So we took five minutes in the freezing cold and captured a series. Rob and Doro, I hope you feel it was worth it when you see these!!!!




Meanwhile, Susie was taking photos of the stunning Sulgrave Club! She lit up that room and totally did justice to it’s gorgeousness!!!!!




Cinderella lives and breathes!!!




After dinner, we snuck off for a few more portraits:




My favorite:-)




And we’ll end bride and groom photos with a laugh – “If love is the treasure, laughter is the key”. Rob and Doro certainly seem to have unlocked that!!!




Back at the reception… an amazing time was had by all!



Congratulations, Rob and Doro!!! Many more photos to come!!!


David Renken - February 12, 2016 - 12:32 am

You two made absolutely wonderful use of this venue to achieve fine art photography.

David Renken - February 12, 2016 - 12:33 am

You two made absolutely wonderful use of this venue to achieve fine art photography.

Well, so nice of you to ask! (Except no one did – ha!):-):-)

The answer is YES, I am definitely still writing the series!!!! The more I thought about this series, and especially after getting so much great feedback on the first post, I realized that I’m pretty passionate about the topic of balancing days and seasons as a work-from-home mom! At the same time, I realized that most of our readers are past, present, and future clients and the friends/family of those clients. In truth, this series wasn’t all that interesting to them. I wanted this to reach a bigger audience and, more importantly, a targeted audience of fellow photographers. As all these thoughts were swirling around my head, I started following Sixth Bloom. Erin, the chief editor of Sixth Bloom, was blowing me away with the diverse content she was bringing to both amateur and professional photographers, and by her diligence in boosting all of her content in social media. I wanted to jump on this train! I was thrilled that Erin accepted my content and I will continue blogging this series through Sixth Bloom!

The second installment was posted today, so head over to Sixth Bloom to check it out PLUS all the other amazing content that Erin is sharing!!

– Becky

Centennial 09112015 1465

If I (Susie) had the pleasure of sitting down with you this week, here are a few things that might come up… What’s on YOUR mind??

What I’m reading:

Radical by David Platt.  A great book on living out your Christian walk, and not just focusing on yourself and your family, but on changing the world by making disciples.  It’s challenging me to think of my faith in a different way.

Also reading : Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth M.D.  Jasmine is still not a great sleeper (i.e. not sleeping well at all!) and hopefully I’ll be able to figure something out that will help her sleep more through the night.  The last month has been rough with at least a week of being sick with a cold/stuffy nose, plus she’s cutting more teeth.  Someday I dream of sleeping through the night again.:)

Highlight of my Week:  My baby girl saying “ma-ma”.  And starting to clap.  (Yes, I’m that mom. haha)

Little Luxuries: Spray whipped topping on my coffee.  I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee recently and have discovered this lovely little addition. yum. yum.

Hoping for:  Good weather on Friday for a fun photography project we’re planning! We’ve already had to reschedule once because of a blizzard and I’m really hoping we don’t get more snow that would cause us to have to postpone again.

Don’t Miss: Our upcoming blog post of Rob & Doro’s wedding which we photographed last Saturday.  It was AMAZING, and we are so excited about all the photos we’ll be showing later this week!!  Follow us on Instagram and you can see a few photos we’ve already posted!

And a few pictures of Jasmine just to brighten your day.:)



Showing us all how to kiss.