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So last week we did a post on some of our favorite engagement photos from this past year, and now it’s time for the wedding photos.  We’ve been so thankful for each of our couples this year, and we’re just so grateful we get to have such a great time doing what we love with some amazing people.  It’s been a wonderful 2014!  When we chose images we love from a wedding, we really are just choosing our absolute favorite images.  Becky and I each go through and pick out our 5 or 6 favorites from each wedding.  Sometimes we chose the same ones, but often we don’t, and that’s just fine with us.  We love showing lots of great images, and often there are so many to chose from that narrowing it down to just a few is just so hard!!

Anyway, here are the photos in no particular order or arrangement – just a collection of fun, romantic, natural, and emotional images from our weddings this past year.

Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photographer (01)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photographer (4)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photographer (2)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photographer (5)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photographer (6)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(4)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(5)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(9)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(7)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(3)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(2)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (16)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (17)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (18)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (21)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (20)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (8)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (9)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (10)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (12)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (14)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (13)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (15)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(10)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (01)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (2)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (3)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (5)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (7)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (6)Best-2014-Maryland-wedding-photos-Susie-and-Becky (2)Best-2014-Maryland-wedding-photos-Susie-and-Becky (3)Best-2014-Maryland-wedding-photos-Susie-and-Becky (5)Best-2014-Maryland-wedding-photos-Susie-and-Becky (4)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(8)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (01)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (2)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (3)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (4)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (6)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (8)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (7)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (5)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (9)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photos-by-Susie-and-Becky (01)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photos-by-Susie-and-Becky (3)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photos-by-Susie-and-Becky (6)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photos-by-Susie-and-Becky (7)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photos-by-Susie-and-Becky (4)Best-winter-wedding-photos-maryland-photographer (01)Best-winter-wedding-photos-maryland-photographer (6)Best-winter-wedding-photos-maryland-photographer (5)Best-winter-wedding-photos-maryland-photographer (2)Best-winter-wedding-photos-maryland-photographer (4)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (22)

Congratulations to all of our 2014 couples!


Sharon L Case - January 28, 2015 - 7:20 pm

Phots are wonderful and engaging.

Susie’s an early adapter so she’s been on Instagram forever. I joined in kicking and screaming for purely business/marketing reasons. But guess what? – I LOVE instagram!!! I love that it’s completely and totally apolitical, that everyone just posts the things that make them happy. I love not being a “photographer” on Instagram. I post the stuff that makes me happy too, even if the light in the room is bad. And of course, none of these compare to my newfound love of the selfie!


But kind of! – it IS nice to walk around with a camera that I can hand to other people without double-checking with my insurance agent:-)

Follow us! (By the way, we never post engagement/wedding pics on our personal pics – they’re truly personal.  So you won’t get spammed if you follow both.)


I really like to experiment with ingredients and flavors, but the truth is, sometimes cooking is just about getting something tasty and filling in the oven quickly. When I offer to take someone a meal, my thought process goes like this:

Q: Have I made them a meal before?

If NO -> STOP THINKING. Make Mexican Lasagna.

It’s easy and I usually have the ingredients on hand. It uses only a couple of dishes – 2, to be exact. It’s portable and freezable. 90% of the time I make it, I’m asked for the recipe, so it’s fair to say that most find it delicious. It’s easily doubled, which means I don’t have to come home and cook again after dropping off a meal. And finally, it’s adaptable – you can easily make it vegetarian or gluten-free. Dairy-free or vegan could be a little tricker, but definitely doable.

Mix and build it in the morning.

Sides are very easy. I bring a pre-packaged “Southwest Salad” mix when time is short. In this case, I mixed corn, yellow pepper, tomato, and onion together and mixed a little lime juice & cumin dressing together. My mom used to always make Jell-O with this meal. Even a set of clementines would complement it well.

Here we are with our portion, almost ready to eat.

And now I’ve dug in:-)

Recipe (honestly, go ahead and google it. I don’t have my version anymore and I do it by taste…. but see below for general recipe)

1 lb ground beef (or ground chicken or ground turkey)
1 can black beans
1 cup sour cream
1 bunch green onions (you get the idea)
cheddar cheese, lots:-)
Chili Powder, at least a tbsp
Cumin, at least a tsp
tortillas, corn or flour

Brown ground beef (or ground turkey or ground chicken). Drain the ground beef and dump into a bowl. Drain and add black beans (a can per pound of ground beef). Add enough sour cream to make it nice and creamy – at least a cup. Add cumin, chili powder, and salt/pepper to taste. Chop and add a bunch of green onions. Stir it all together.

Pour a thin layer of salsa on the bottom of the pan. Place tortillas on top. Spread the meat mixture. Sprinkle a generous layer of cheese. Repeat.


Vegetarian: Add an extra can of beans and a package of frozen corn – this is really delicious.
Gluten-free: Use corn tortillas


— Becky