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It’s a great feeling when a new Wedding Wire review pops into our inboxes. One arrived just the other day that was particularly meaningful. This couple complimented us on one of the things we strive for – professionalism balanced with friendliness and approachability. We love when we get to know our clients, of course, but first and foremost, we are a business providing a service. We believe our clients entire experience should be marked by professionalism – promptness, clarity, and excellence. Our clients trust us to anticipate and meet their needs and we want to exceed their expectations.

Today, I was finalizing our latest project – a new Welcome magazine!! As you can see, there are just a few more sticky notes marking the last round of edits and and we’ll be ready for print!

This has been a long process because we wanted it to be completely professional. It had to be gorgeous (of course) but more importantly full of truly helpful content. We included articles that will help our couples know exactly what to expect from us and when. We shared some tips for things they can do to get the very best pictures of their day (like remembering to pack an invitation for their bridal detail shots). There are certain topics – a first look, for example – that we’re always asked for advice on, so we went ahead and included a little discussion of the pros and cons (no, we don’t push couples one way or another). And our favorite spread is where we recommend the very best wedding vendors that we’ve worked with. Of course we’ve been sending most of this through emails, but it just feels good to know that this time, instead of reading getting the information in their inbox along with spam and meeting requests and to-do items, they’ll be getting the information in a beautiful format that they can sit down, put their feet up, and enjoy. Yay!!

We just can’t WAIT to get this printed and shared!!!


So last week we did a post on some of our favorite engagement photos from this past year, and now it’s time for the wedding photos.  We’ve been so thankful for each of our couples this year, and we’re just so grateful we get to have such a great time doing what we love with some amazing people.  It’s been a wonderful 2014!  When we chose images we love from a wedding, we really are just choosing our absolute favorite images.  Becky and I each go through and pick out our 5 or 6 favorites from each wedding.  Sometimes we chose the same ones, but often we don’t, and that’s just fine with us.  We love showing lots of great images, and often there are so many to chose from that narrowing it down to just a few is just so hard!!

Anyway, here are the photos in no particular order or arrangement – just a collection of fun, romantic, natural, and emotional images from our weddings this past year.

Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photographer (01)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photographer (4)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photographer (2)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photographer (5)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photographer (6)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(4)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(5)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(9)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(7)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(3)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(2)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (16)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (17)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (18)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (21)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (20)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (8)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (9)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (10)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (12)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (14)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (13)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (15)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(10)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (01)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (2)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (3)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (5)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (7)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (6)Best-2014-Maryland-wedding-photos-Susie-and-Becky (2)Best-2014-Maryland-wedding-photos-Susie-and-Becky (3)Best-2014-Maryland-wedding-photos-Susie-and-Becky (5)Best-2014-Maryland-wedding-photos-Susie-and-Becky (4)Best-Springfield-Stone-Manor-wedding-photos-2014-(8)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (01)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (2)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (3)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (4)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (6)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (8)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (7)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (5)Best-2014-leesburg-wedding-photos (9)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photos-by-Susie-and-Becky (01)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photos-by-Susie-and-Becky (3)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photos-by-Susie-and-Becky (6)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photos-by-Susie-and-Becky (7)Best-2014-Baltimore-wedding-photos-by-Susie-and-Becky (4)Best-winter-wedding-photos-maryland-photographer (01)Best-winter-wedding-photos-maryland-photographer (6)Best-winter-wedding-photos-maryland-photographer (5)Best-winter-wedding-photos-maryland-photographer (2)Best-winter-wedding-photos-maryland-photographer (4)Best-2014-wedding-photos-by-DC-photographer-Susie-and-Becky (22)

Congratulations to all of our 2014 couples!


Sharon L Case - January 28, 2015 - 7:20 pm

Phots are wonderful and engaging.

Susie’s an early adapter so she’s been on Instagram forever. I joined in kicking and screaming for purely business/marketing reasons. But guess what? – I LOVE instagram!!! I love that it’s completely and totally apolitical, that everyone just posts the things that make them happy. I love not being a “photographer” on Instagram. I post the stuff that makes me happy too, even if the light in the room is bad. And of course, none of these compare to my newfound love of the selfie!


But kind of! – it IS nice to walk around with a camera that I can hand to other people without double-checking with my insurance agent:-)

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