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Last summer we were at The Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel for Adrienne & Sean’s wedding.  We had such a great day with their family and friends, and couldn’t imagine a better place for them to get married!  This was our first time photographing at The Antrim 1844 and we completely fell in love with the venue.  We’re so excited that we get to shoot there again this year!! Twice! Yay!!

The bridal suite is so elegant and boasts lovely light and the prettiest detail in every corner. Adrienne’s amazing dress fit in so well and we loved photographing her details here in this room.


Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (01)


I love this photo of Adrienne’s mom watching her get her hair and makeup done.

Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (2)

Large windows that reached almost to the floor provided this gorgeous “halo” light around Adrienne as she got dressed.


Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (3)

That dress!! It would look amazing in any room, but Antrim was really up to it:-)So nice to have a venue where we can take wider shots like this one.


Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (4)Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (5)Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (6)

Adrienne & Sean had such a sweet first look, and were totally into portrait time.:)  The Antrim 1844 has so many amazing places for portraits – Becky and I had to restrain ourselves because we could have been photographing them for hours!

Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (7)Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (8)Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (9)Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (10)

We always ask couples what they want from their pictures and Adrienne mentioned this tree multiple times. She was right – in about 5 minutes, we got loads of photos that we all loved right underneath the arch of this tree.


Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (11)Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (12)

Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (13)

How sweet is that flower girl?

Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (14)Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (15)Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (16)Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (17)Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (18)

Adrienne and her father had such a sweet, emotional first look.


Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (19)

Love this shot Becky got of the flower girl doing her thing!  You can’t tell, but right about this time, there were dark clouds in the sky, thunder rolling in the background, and we were just starting the ceremony.  I think we were all just praying the rain would hold off a little longer!!

Antrim-1844-wedding-photos (20)Ceremony wedding photos at the Antrim 1844 Antrim 1844 wedding ceremony photos

We love lots of laughter during ceremonies!

Antrim 1844 happy wedding ceremony photosAntrim 1844 outdoor wedding ceremony photos


Ceremony exit wedding photos at Antrim 1844

I kid you not, this was taken four minutes after the photo above.  That’s how perfect the timing of the ceremony was.:)Fortunately, the Antrim has an amazingly wide front porch for family pictures:-)


Antrim 1844 wedding photos in the rain



Antrim 1844 wedding photos of reception details

Adrienne & Sean are both graphic designers, so of course they designed the paper products for their wedding.  They did such a fabulous job!

Purple and green reception menu for weddingAntrim 1844 wedding photos of cakeAntrim 1844 wedding photos of first danceAntrim 1844 wedding photos of first danceAntrim 1844 wedding receptionAntrim 1844 wedding reception exit
We’re so excited about another Antrim 1844 wedding this summer!

If I had the pleasure of sitting down with you this week, here are a few things that might come up… What’s on YOUR mind??

What I’m reading: My oldest son has taken on the Pi contest at school this year, which involves memorizing as many digits of Pi as he can. When my brilliant and generous cousin Irene and her husband Jeff (equally brilliant and generous) heard how enthusiastically Jack has thrown himself into this contest, they sent him this amazing book: Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything. The book opens with the author, who happens to be their former neighbor, covering the U.S. Memory Championships as a journalist for Slate magazine. Naturally, he was impressed with the feats of these mental athletes. But he was incredulous when they insisted that their capacity for memory was nothing special – than anyone could train their memories to do incredible things, like memorizing 100 digits in 5 minutes. To prove their theories, the top mental athletes convinced the author to let them train HIM for the U.S. Memory Championships… which he ends up winning. So the book is my very favorite kind (in a format similar to Born to Run) – a fascinating mashup of science, journalism, memoir, and history book. There are strong takeaways regarding the capacity of the human mind that are encouraging for any reader, not just the very few aspiring to win memory championships. Highly recommend!!

Highlight of my Week: My friend Julie finally made it down!! Sadly, her trip was cancelled two weeks ago due to the snowstorm, but everything worked out perfectly in the end, since she made it down for a GREAT weekend with us. We celebrated with Chipotle, a big church party, trip to The Prime Rib in Baltimore, and lots of tea and talks in between:-)

Little Luxuries: Fresh flowers! My favorite!! Woke up Saturday morning to discover on Local Color Flowers’ Instagram feed that they were hosting a little pop-up flower shop with (as always) only locally grown flowers in their shop. It was finally – after almost a year of trying – a good morning to run up and stop by. I got to see their lovely shop, chat with them about their operations, and watch while Brittany arranged these gorgeous set of flowers!!

Hoping for: Amazing work at Rob and Doro’s wedding this Saturday. Whenever I’ve had a break – and our last wedding was in November – I always start to wonder if I really can take good photographs. Ha! That’s ok, I read yesterday that Imposter Syndrome may actually be a sign of greatness. I’d like to believe that 😉

Don’t Miss:With a posh, formal DC wedding coming up for us at the National Cathedral this Saturday, I’ve been thinking about Elena and Paul’s. Have you ever seen this wedding that was so amazing it spanned TWO days?

The flowers:

Snow Day Ramen 1034Snow Day Ramen 1052

The indoor time together has been cozy and sweet.. so much so that I haven’t picked up my camera to document it:-)Happy for every precious day I have with my kids this winter. It’s been grand! Just a few pics out in the snow… Enjoy!!

Jack is 11 1436

Jack is 11 1169

As a fourth boy, Nicholas wears a lot of hand-me-downs. His snow pants and coat don’t match, but how convenient that they are color coordinated with the house!



Whatever you do, don’t step on the snow track!!!!



I went outside for a few minutes to practice prisming…



…The older boys wanted to walk to a sledding hill half a mile down the power lines. John (of course) was dressed like this which ruled him out of accompanying him through the thigh deep snow.



So I went.



When we got there, the snow was just too deep to make a path.



So we went home.


The end of the most boring story ever!!! But great memories for us:-)Hope you made some too!!

Janet Reynolds Matijkiw - January 28, 2016 - 7:58 pm

Love seeing these photos, can’t ever get enough!