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Our amazing friend Kelly (owner and lead designer at Petals by the Shore) texted a few months back and asked if we were free for a wedding date right smack in the middle of our busy season. We already had a wedding booked for the day after Maggie and Tony’s wedding, and weren’t sure we wanted a double header weekend during our busiest month. But Kelly goes way back with Maggie and Tony and assured me that these were our kind of people.

She was SO RIGHT!!! I finally got to meet Maggie and Tony tonight and not only did I immediately feel comfortable enough with them to read incriminating texts from my husband out loud, I already almost cried just hearing about their wedding day… I’m going to be a puddle as I photograph it!!!!!! I loved hearing how Tony knows he’ll be overcome with emotion when he sees his bride for the first time, about the special surprises that Maggie has planned to honor the people who mean the most to her, about how much they love their family and can’t wait to spend the day with them. I KNOW their wedding is going to be spectacularly stunning because Kelly’s work is second to none, but all they talked about tonight were the people coming and how special it’s going to be to celebrate with them. I can’t WAIT for this wedding!!!

As for the shoot, because of an unusual circumstance, Maggie and Tony already had engagement photos. When they booked, I explained that we always try to get couples in front of the camera for at least 20 minutes before the wedding day, just so they can get trust us and feel super comfortable when it comes to those bride and groom photos. But I promised them just 20 minutes. Well, I double checked the times of the first and last photo right before exporting out of my editing software… we’re delivering 59 photos taken in just 18 minutes! Of course, we always love having lots and lots of time with couples, but we’ve trained ourselves to work fast in a pinch – because that’s what wedding days sometimes demand!! Now that Maggie and Tony are all warmed up and ready to model PLUS we’ve got a timeline allowing for plenty of time for bride and groom portraits on their wedding day PLUS Susie and I will both be there photographing at the same time… they’re going to slay their wedding photos!!!! Can’t wait 🙂

In the meantime, here’s just a little sample from that 18 minute session!! Congratulations Maggie and Tony and thank you so much for choosing us to photograph your wedding!!! It will be such a privilege to be there!
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  • August 18, 2016 - 10:11 pm

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    Denise Keefer - Beautiful mini photo shoot for an amazing couple. I wish them all the happiest and love.

  • August 19, 2016 - 8:37 am

    Amy Rollings - These are absolutely beautiful! You can see the love y’all have for each other! They capture your relationship perfectly! Love y’all and can’t wait to see y’all soon!!

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    Kendall Lee - You two look so cute together ????????

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    Kim Hawkes - These pics are amazing, love you both so much!!!

If I (Becky) had the pleasure of sitting down with you this week, here are a few things that might come up…

What I’m reading: I have 15 books on garden design checked out of the library!!!!!! They are littered with post-it scraps.

Highlight of my week: A great vacation in the Adirondacks with my family, including my parents, siblings and all the nieces and nephews. The coolest part of the trip was to the veeerrrrrrry top of the 120 meter Olympic ski jump in Lake Placid. How those athletes launch themselves off the top of this structure… I cannot even begin to imagine.

Little luxuries: All the amazing produce that’s so cheap these days!!! Grape tomatoes, blueberries, kale, corn… it’s all so delicious and quick to prepare!!

Hoping for: Like I mentioned last week (or was it two weeks ago? or three???), I’ve begun gardening again. As I’ve dreamed about the two large gardens that I want to tackle next, I’ve slowly come to the realization that a practical and beautiful design for them is totally beyond my skill level and experience. I’m way out of my league!!! I’ve been searching for a great garden designer and now am in touch with a friend of a friend who seems like the perfect designer for us. We’ll meet Saturday morning to discuss the scope of the design and our ideas. I’m hoping that the meeting goes really well!!!! I’m hoping that our aesthetics jive, that she is inspired by my ideas and the demands of the space… I’m hoping that I can hire her and get an *amazing* design to implement!!! I’ve been thinking that this is how so many of our couples must feel as they approach our first phone meeting!! It’s so nerve-wracking to WANT to like someone, but to know that you have to be a really objective consumer in order to end up with an experience and final product that you love.

Don’t miss: Did you see Ashley and Wesley’s post-storm engagement session by our associate Ruthie? One of her pictures has gotten us the most likes ever on instagram!!

Pictured today: Our family photo. Only took two head swaps!!!


Last Monday, right after Sangchen & Michael’s wedding, Akie and I (and Jasmine, of course!) headed to Maine for our first family vacation.  We decided to go north in the summertime, and it was definitely the right choice! 🙂   Maine is so beautiful, and we would love to be back someday to visit again.

We drove up and started with two nights in Portland.


Jasmine deciding if we should take a ferry or not….


We ate at this amazing waterfront restaurant where I had the best fish and chips I’ve ever eaten!!


Yum, yum!!!!


Of course we had to visit Portland Head Lighthouse while we were there.


At this point, Jasmine had decided she had enough of being buckled into a carseat, stroller, or being held, and she wanted to walk everywhere.


And stop and smell all the flowers. 🙂


Definitely going up on our walls!!!  Akie would put Jasmine back in the field, she’d run towards me, laughing the whole time.  🙂


So pretty!!!!


After Portland, we headed up to Acadia National Park for a few days.  This was the view from our hotel balcony.  🙂


One afternoon we rented bikes and rode around Eagle Lake in Acadia.  Of course, we had to make stops and see the views.  🙂




Cadillac Mountain.


Again, she wanted to walk everywhere. 🙂  It’s not scary at all on top of a windy mountain. ha.


Sitting on the rocks eating her apple/prune blend. 😀


Sand beach!  Super cold so Jasmine and I stayed out of the water.


Something was really funny!


The views are just SO gorgeous!!!


Mornings in our hotel room…


Stopping to smell the flowers at Jordan Pond.


The last few days we spent with some friends of ours who live in Maine, and it was a wonderful way to end the vacation!  One day Megan, Jasmine and I headed to Camden, and we loved being introduced to Megan’s favorite little coastal town.  It really was gorgeous!


Waiting for our food.


Of course I had to try my first lobster roll. 🙂


Thanks for this photo, Megan – I love it!!


Ice cream!!


Jasmine loved Megan’s little dog.  She kept chasing her every time she’d see her.  It took a lot to get them both in the same photo!!


Walking down to the lake behind Megan’s place.


Of course, Akie has to find some good music to listen to by the lake. 🙂


A family photo the morning we headed home!!  (Thanks, Megan!!)